1. What type of Journals do you index?

Answer:- We are indexing hard cover, Internet journals, as well as individual Internet articles.

2. How long does it take to receive advice as to Indexing applications?
Answer: – We need to review three volumes of your journal. If you are a new Journal, we need to wait until you have completed regular publications. If you are an existing journal, we need to review 3 of your most recent publications. Review depends on many factors – receiving your journals via post – receiving access to Internet journals. We will keep you informed of all steps along the way to Indexing

3. What benefits does the Paid Indexing Service Offer?
Answer: – If you wish to expedite the Review process, paid serviceguarantees a one month Review from receipt of the last three Editions referred to in question 2 above.

4. How long does the free Indexing review take?
Answer: – Whilst a definite answer is difficult to make, the volume of submissions may mean your Journal will take 2-4 months to be reviewed. We will keep you informed via e-mail.

5. Can we Appeal against your Reviewers decision if our Journal is rejected from Indexing?
Answer: – Yes – we have instituted an Appeal Process which you can participate in and make submissions.

6. Reapply. Can we reapply following a rejection?
Answer: – Yes. Our reviewers will provide detailed reasons for the rejection. If you attend to these matters, you may submit an application as soon as the matters have been attended to. You will not be penalized with a three year time limit.

7. What Language Journals do your Index?
Answer: – In 2006 we are Indexing English Language Journals, Law journals, Business Journals and Sports Journals. From 2007 we shall add journals that transmit in Chinese and Japanese languages. Other languages will be added from 2008

8. What criteria do the Assessing Editors use in determining if a Journal will be indexed?
Answer:- The Editors use a checklist which includes the following data;
a) Is the journal already Indexed elsewhere?
b) What are academic standards of the journal
c) Does the Referencing comply with strict standards?
d) Does the journal have an ISBN or ISSN?
e) The journal’s readability -layout standards
f) The academic standing of the Editorial panel & Editorial listings
g) The ease/difficulty in contacting the journal
h) How many editions in advance is the journal prepared
i) The journal’s length (how many articles are published regularly)
j) Other criteria specific to International regions and laws

9. Can I submit a complaint or ask questions about an Indexed Journal?
Answer:- Yes. Please supply full details via e-mail

10. What is the difference between this Index (Asian Education Index) and ISI, The British Education Index, Google Scholar and Microsoft Scholar?
Answer:-All indexing authorities apply varying standards which you need to examine on an index by index basis.

11. How many Journals do you anticipate Indexing?
Answer:- Our preliminary assessment suggests we shall be Indexing about 50,000 Journals across the greater Asian Region by 2015.