Impact Factor

The Asian Education Index (Incorporated in UK) is a division of Robertson & Robertson Corporation.

Impact factors for 2010-2011 will be assigned in January 2013. Readers should review this article for information on IF calculations.

The Asian Education Index Factor is known as Academic Journal Impact Factor (AJIF)

AJIF analysis system is comprehensive and complex and aims to provide a fair reporting of a journal’s AJIF.

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Impact Factors
Universities require journals to be indexed – though numerous factors make it difficult for academic journals to get indexed –

a) indexes may be limited by country of journal registration
b) Indexes may just list all journals applying without review
c) Indexes do not have the resources to carry out comprehensive research
d) much criticism has been leveled by the academic community at IFs as being unreliable and biased
e) Indexes may own journals that are indexed thereby negating impartial results
f) Journals can not be expected to report confidential information that makes IF reporting reliable and thus credible

Given the above arguments, AEI is preparing in conjunction with global academics a review system that takes into account the dramatic change in journal publication- namely on-line journals. The list of factors assigned consists of 17 elements. That list will be published in January 2013 along with IFs for various journals