Submission Process

The basic mission of The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX as a database publishing company is to provide accurate, comprehensive coverage of the world’s most important and influential research in selected areas.

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX database covers international journals, books, articles on-line, and proceedings in the social sciences and arts and humanities.

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX indexes complete bibliographic data for every Journal and Internet Journal and Internet Article covered, including English-language author abstracts, author and publisher addresses.

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX is committed to providing a FREE comprehensive coverage of the world’s most important and influential journals for OPEN SOURCE retrieval needs.

Our Selection Process

If a Journal contains merit and is widely used by the profession associated with that Journal, our Editorial review will give that journal serious consideration.

Submission Steps

There are two ways to submit your Journal. You may submit via e-mail to our Free Listing service.

(a) for Hard Cover Journals, send your 3 most recent copies to
Asian Education Index

(b) For online Journals and articles submit your application via e-mail

The Evaluation Process

The Asian Education Index works on the philosophy of honesty, integrity, and transparency. Journal evaluation and selection is conducted on an ongoing basis at the ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX with journals added to and deleted from the data base every day.

We have developed a unique technology which enables us to crawl the web (spider sites) seeking out relevant data. Other Indexes rely on manual processes and submissions – this is fraught with human error – Our Editorial review process, combined with our technology, ensures we have the latest information from each Journal –changes – late publication dates –

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX’s editorial staff will review new journal titles monthly, but only a % of the journals evaluated are selected. Moreover, existing journal coverage in ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX is also constantly under review. Journals covered are monitored with our unique spider technology to ensure that they are maintaining high standards and a clear relevance to the ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX in which they are covered. Editorial reviews carried out randomly ensure the process s fairly monitored.

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX has experienced reviewers with educational backgrounds relevant to their areas of responsibility as well as vast experience and education in information science. The Index has arisen from a demand across the Globe for tranperancy and fairness in Indexing standards.

Many Unique factors are taken into account when evaluating journals for coverage, ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative. Unlike other Indexes, we have the technology to examine Internet based Journals which are growing at the rate of 10,000 per half year. Our technology also evaluates single web articles. A hard cover journal’s comprehensive publishing standards, its editorial content, the international diversity of its authorship, and the citation data associated with it are all considered. Our computer system builds upon existing knowledge to provide a Data Base of Unique Knowledge that allows us to evaluate Journals.

Basic Journal Standards

Timeliness of publication is one of the criteria in the evaluation process, and it is of primary importance. A journal must be publishing according to its stated frequency to be considered for initial inclusion in the ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX database. The ability to publish on time implies a healthy backlog of manuscripts essential for ongoing viability. It is not acceptable for a journal to appear chronically late, weeks or months after its cover date. To measure timeliness adequately, coverage can never be based on just one issue; generally, the editor needs to see at least three issues.

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX also notes whether or not the journal follows international editorial conventions, which optimize the retrievability of source articles. These conventions include informative journal titles, fully descriptive article titles and abstracts, complete bibliographic information for all cited references, and full address information for every author; (n.b. legal issues of privacy pursuant to International laws are taken into account)

Editorial Content

Unlike other Indexes who refuse to consider new worthy journals on the grounds the topic has been covered, the ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX editor determines if the content of a new journal will enrich the database and expand the Knowledge base of that professional area of learning..

International Diversity

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX covers journals with international diversity. Special attention is given to Journals within the Asia Pacific region though not exclusively. The Editors reserve the right to add worthy Journals from outside this geographic zone if that journal contains especial merit and advances the field of academic study in the Asian pacific region

Citation Analysis

Editors examine the publishing record of the journal’s authors and editorial board members, noting where their articles have been published and if their work has been cited. Accepted citation practices are reviewed :our expert review panel are world leaders in Citation standards and will advise Journals where citation criteria are not satisfactory to be considered for indexing.

Where a Journal lists internationally recognized Editors, that Journal receives fast tracking reviews – our data base and Editorial knowledge enables the Asian Education Index to be uniquely prepared when considering this factor. Our Reviewing Editors are not constrained by company affiliations nor demands from management as to their decisions.

Electronic Journals

The mission of ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX is to provide access to a Data base of the world’s most important and influential journals in predefined fields. The Asian Education Index does carefully consider and evaluate web based journals. Further more, we keep in contact with Journal owners throughout the process, and not keep Journals waiting for over a year with no information as to the processes.

Timeliness of publication

The ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX queues the Journal in our unique algorithm which monitors that journals constantly. The advanced technology monitors ALL changes and the dates they occur, providing a detailed print out which enables Editorial review precision.

The Format of Electronic Journals is extremely important to ASIAN EDUCATION INDEX.

Following are a set of guidelines for Electronic Journal formats. Following these guidelines helps insure correct citation of articles and reduces the possibility of ambiguity in citation of articles. Unlike other Indexes whose rules for indexing are unworkable and do not permit web based technology to be given its developing place in history, we consider numerous factors when considering web based Journals. Whilst certain fundamentals are considered by the Algorithm, a follow up Editorial review will thoroughly and fairly place all web based factors before the Selection panel.

Some or all of the following data is assessed, first by algorithmic assesment, followed up by Editorial review.

  • Journal Title
  • Year of publication
  • Volume and/or Issue Number
  • Article Title
  • Page Number or Article Number.
  • Author(s) names and addresses
  • Article numbers must be unique within an entire volume number.
  • Journal title (in full)
  • Volume number (if applicable)
  • Issue Number (if applicable; within parenthesis)
  • Page number and/or article number (clearly identifying the article number as such)
  • Year of publication